126th Canton Fair

On Oct 15th , as one of the most important trade promotion platforms for Chinese enterprises to expand the global market, Canton Fair in Guangzhou focused on highlighting innovation driven, and “independent brand” became a high-frequency word of Canton Fair.

Xu Bing, a spokesman for the Canton Fair and deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, said that the domestic and foreign environment faced by China’s foreign trade development this year is more complex and uncertain. The majority of exhibitors accelerated quality improvement and innovation, and continued to make efforts in technology research and development, product innovation, brand cultivation, etc., with high technology, high quality, high added value and independent brand products emerging.

Many independent innovative R & D products are welcomed by the market. At the same time, purchasers are less sensitive to price and pay more attention to the technology, brand, quality and service of products.


In this exhibition, sorotec’s products have attracted many customers and been widely praised. Especially Revo II. Revo II is a hybrid pure sine wave solar inverter. Its particular touch screen makes it more convenient to operate. It can parallel up to 9 pcs. The maximum power is 49.5KW. It has four working modes. Especially in the “Solar+AC” working mode, the solar and AC mains can charge the battery and power the loads together. It is the maximum use of the solar energy. The solar energy utilization is over 15% than other solar inverter. Revo series can start and work without battery, and also can work with lithium battery. This product has a strong comprehensive competitiveness.

Sorotec not only has the most advanced scientific research technology in the field. The products are of high gold content. And Sorotec is willing to accept and create new things. This has been unanimously recognized by all customers.

Post time: Feb-26-2021