what is On & Off Grid Energy Storage Inverter Integrated Machine?


In today's society, energy issues are getting more and more attention and importance. With the development and innovation of science and technology, more and more new energy equipments are introduced into daily life, among which the grid-connected and off-grid integrated machine has become a product of great concern. Grid-connected off-grid machine refers to the integrated equipment that can convert solar energy and renewable energy into electricity to meet its own power generation needs, and supply power to the grid, energy storage and power generation.

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First of all, the use of renewable energy, especially solar energy, has become an important way to solve the energy problem. As a device that integrates power generation, energy storage and power supply functions, the grid-connected off-grid machine provides a more convenient way for people to utilize renewable energy. It can supply locally generated power to the local grid system and realize power sharing. In this regard, we can understand what functions Soraid MPGS it has?


Built-in MPPPT for direct connection to photovoltaic panels.             

PV input range up to 900V

2. Off-grid                                   

It has its own optical storage operation strategy, which can be deployed on demand and supports self-consumption.

3. Fast switchover

UPS UPS function off-grid switchover time <10ms

4. Flexible tariffs

  Peak and valley energy management, PV + mains load mode, PV + battery load mode.

5. Easy Access

Touch LCD screen for easy operation

6. Security

Supports connectivity with BMS and EMS systems

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For those who live in remote areas or do not have access to traditional power grids, grid-connected off-grid all-in-one units can fulfill their electricity needs. For example, in Asia, Africa, Vietnam, Nigeria, Pakistan and other regions, traditional power grids are facing the problems of unstable power supply and insufficient power, SOROTEC Grid-Connected Off-Grid Machine can alleviate these problems to a certain extent.

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Post time: Jan-03-2024